Epilike Centre épilation laser

Epilike Centre épilation laser

Epilike Centre laser hair removal

Make an appointment at your EPILIKE centre : Choose the area you want to treat with laser hair removal.

We offer a range of packages that allow you to group your treatments from several areas in one session and thus save you time and money.


-Avoid waxing in the 15 days prior to the session, (as this would remove the bulb of hair that is the target of the laser beam). Shaving, however, is quite possible in this period.-Do not expose the area to the sun or UV (solar benches) in the month before the first session or between sessions.

-Avoid the use of photo sensitizing antibiotics (ask your doctor if necessary), any tanning activator in the 15 days prior to the session.

-Do not use self-tanners, do not apply essential oils the week before treatment.-Shave the night before the laser hair removal session.

-Do not wear new clothes on the day of the session to avoid a deposit of clothing pigments on the skin (these disappear most often from the first wash).

-Do not expose yourself to the sun or UV (solar benches) within 2 weeks of treatment or if not apply a total SPF50 screen to the area every 3 to 4 hours.

-Avoid saunas, steam rooms and hot tubs within 2 days of the session.

It is essential to take the consultation offered first appointment in order to establish your protocol to laser hair removal.”

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