Joris Vlaminckx

Joris Vlaminckx

Psychologist, Psychoanalyst, Clinical Psychologist (for adults and adolescents)


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Intake session: 60 min.

Therapy session: 50 min.

The rate is 60€ per session, though the first intake of 1 hour will cost you
the same.

Rue du Doyenné 110, 1180 Ukkel

Phone number:
+32493488175 (op werkdagen, ook sms)

Languages spoken:
English Nederlands


select an appointment type first. For the first appointment, please select "intake". For all following therapy sessions you may select "follow-up
consultation". Please select the available timeslot thereafter. An automatic confirmation mail will then be sent to you.

Intake session = 60 min.

Therapy session (follow-up consultation) = 50 min.

The rate is 60€ per session, though the first intake of 1 hour will cost you
the same.

Cancellation policy

You can cancel your appointment via the link in the confirmation e-mail or via my progenda website. Thank you for cancelling well in advance, this is possible up to 24 hours before the scheduled appointment time. All
appointments after the first intake that are not cancelled in time will be charged the normal rate of a session. Thank you for your understanding.

I offer my clients a safe environment where we make space for your own unique story. Without any judgement I will listen to you to set a treatment goal together after our first intake session, which we can then work towards together during our following therapy sessions.

Often we cannot think ourselves out of our problems and we end up feeling more stuck in them, sometimes we need guidance and distance from these thoughts. Sometimes it is no longer clear why we keep making certain choices or keep doing the things we do. Our social interaction patterns, coping styles and reactions are so unique to each of us and we often carry them with us from early on. Becoming aware of them and working through what lies underneath can have a very healing and relieving effect over time. New insights in ourselves can ultimately help us move forward. We can work again towards these things that give value to our lives and start achieving more of a sense of inner peace and greater overall wellbeing.

My original formation is in the Psychodynamic and Psychoanalytic therapy approach, though in practice I work from an integrative vision that I tailor to what you really need. This includes techniques from the person-oriented approach as well as acceptance & commitment therapy (ACT) in order to relieve your pain and symptoms in the shorter term. This can still be combined with a longer-term psychoanalytic form of therapy.

I am aware that taking the first step towards therapy can be a brave one for many. You can therefore make an appointment in my personal agenda in all discretion for a first intake consultation or contact me if you have any questions. 

Deontological code

As a licensed clinical psychologist I am bound by the professional code of ethics for psychologists. This gives you my guarantee that I am committed to working competently and with due expertise. Professional secrecy is our duty. All your data are treated confidentially and a client or patient file is only created with your consent. For a more detailed overview of the rules of conduct of our professional code, I would like to refer you to the website of the Belgian Psychologists Commission:

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