Maria Linden (Renaissance site)

Docteur Maria Linden (Renaissance site)

Gynécologue, she/elle


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Wednesday 10-13 and 14-18
Thursday 9-12

Avenue de la Renaissance 21, 1000 Brussels

Numéro de téléphone:
02 735 53 26

Langues parlées:
English Français Finnish

Numéro INAMI:


Prices (30')
First appointment 75 €
Follow-up appointment 65 €
Interventions requiring special instrumentation 75  €
Work or insurance medical screening + report 100 €
Phone consultation 20 €

Regular reasons for a visit include:
- Cervical cancer screening (pap smear)
- STI screening or diagnostics
- Infections of genito-urinary tract
- Diagnostics of lower abdominal or pelvic pain, incl. pelvic ultrasound
- Assessment of pelvic floor issues (incontinence, prolapse, hypertonic pelvic floor)
- Assessment of irregular or heavy menstruations
- Assessment of menopausal symptoms
- Assessment of a breast lump
- Counselling on contraceptive methods and fertility
- IUD or implant fitting (prior consultation and prescription required)
- All questions related to sexual health and well-being

In case of an unintended pregnancy, you can contact a family planning center directly.

I am not affiliated with a hospital, and therefore I do not perform surgery, screening ultrasounds of pregnancy or deliveries.

I provide trauma-informed care, and my consultations are safe for the persons afraid of gynecological examinations for various reasons.
I welcome all patients with gynaecological issues regardless of their sexual orientation, preferences or gender.


I offer some urgent appointments weekly to the patients registered at Berlaymont Health Centre.
These appointments are not available online.
Please contact your GP or email
En cas d'urgence vitale, merci de contacter le 112.

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