Caroline DURIEU

Dr. Caroline DURIEU

Sports Doctor, Homeopath, Travel Medicine, Mental Health, Hormonal Balancing, Global individualized medicine

Noville-les-bois (Sart d'Avril)

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I do NOT receive medical representatives.

My training
2008: Diploma in Medicine from UCL, with specialization in General Medicine and electrocardiogram, with High Honors.

2010-2011: Post-graduate in Tropical Medicine and International Health (ITG Antwerp)

Worked in Bénin, Indonesia, Guatemala and France before settling back in Belgium.

2014-2015: Inter-University Certificate in Sports Medicine
Nutrition and Mesotherapy.

2017-2022: Homeopathy (Belgian School of Homeopathy)

These several approaches are all different languages, all complementary to achieve a highly individualized practice, in a search for balance and health, respectful of the astonishing capacities of self-healing that we have!

Homeopathy also seems to me to be of great help in pregnancy, in infants, mental health and BEHAVIORAL AND LEARNING DISORDERS in children, some chronic pathologies (sinusitis, ...) and obviously for a good number of somatizations and old wounds ...

When a homeopathic remedy is judiciously chosen, its curative action is gentle, rapid, deep, effective and without danger.

In addition to addressing the main complaint, it also allows us to "take advantage" of the disease, which reveals our weaknesses or our wrong paths, to learn how to reconnect with our intuition / life path / higher self, learn to make the right choices and little by little, let go of the toxic patterns/relations, and welcome harmony... Like a puzzle piece that gets stuck until it's in its RIGHT PLACE...

Rue Albert 1er, 73, 5380 Noville-les-bois (Sart d'Avril)

Phone number:
081/345.316 - - #carohmd

Languages spoken:
Español English Français

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Please book appointments ONLINE via this website, as I do not answer the phone during consultations.

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When i'm not available and obly if it can't wait till my return
On evenings, week-end and bank holidays, depending on where you live, you may call:

- South of E42 (Namur et Andenne, en ce compris Vezin, Namèche, Bonneville, Faulx-les-tombes, Ohey, etc) >>> Poste de garde de Jambes, call 1733
- North ofE42 (Gembloux, La Bruyère, Eghezée, Fernelmont et Wasseiges) >>> Poste de garde de Rhisnes, call 081/84 84 33

In case of emergency, please call 112.

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