Dr. Muriel De Maegd



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Dr DE MAEGD will temporarily no longer accept new patients for regular follow-up apart from the siblings of patients already regularly followed at her consultation and former patients of Dr VILAIN.

Consultation for follow-up
(+/- 30 min)
Consultation for an emergency
 (+/- 15 min)
Consultation by telephone (Covid-19 epidemic)
(+/- 15 min)
Medical representative (+/- 20 min)
(by appointment only)

Rue de l'Espiniat 31, 1380 Lasne

Phone number:
0468 08 36 07

Languages spoken:
English Français Nederlands


Web site : www.pediatrie-ohain.be 

Email : contact@pediatrie-ohain.be

Fees :

- 50 euro/consultation
- 65 euro/consultation during duty work on weekend/public holidays
- 20 euros/consultation/advice by telephone

Please use Bancontact or Payconiq

Consultation for follow-up or an advice 

Please use this online site to make an appointment.
In case of annulation, may I ask you to do it by this site at least 24 h before the appointment.

**Covid-19 epidemic

Availability only in the morning
Mask/scarf/linen are essential
Please wait outside the office
In case of illness of the child  or his companion, the appointment will be moved.

Medical representative : no appointment possible during Covid-19 epidemic

On the neighborhoods of the office, on the driveway as well as on the parking, for security reasons, please DRIVE SLOWLY


In case of an emergency

**Covid-19 epidemic :

Availabilities only in the afternoon
In case of unavailability, please contact me by phone or SMS
Mask essential for adults and children> 3 years

Linen / tetra for children <3 years

Hydro-alcoholic gel before entering the office
Please wait outside the office
SMS if remote consultation / notification is desired

After 18h30 and at night : please proceed to an emergency service.

On Saturday pm, Sunday and public holiday from 8h-18h you may call the pediatrician on call at following number 010/452 444 or on following website www.premierage.be 

In case of an emergency of vital importance, please call the european emergency number on the 112 or bring your child as soon as possible to the emergency service from the nearest hospital :

In case of emergency, please call 112.

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